Time Mastery

The Time Mastery Series is tailored specifically for the unique challenges of direct sellers, this six session webinar course will guide you through understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a time manager, and then show you ways to master your time so you’ll have the most productive year ever. Most importantly, you benefit from our coaches combined 50 years of coaching experience and numerous coaching certifications and accreditations. You have the opportunity to gain knowledge from the best!

Do something diferent by doing something now!

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    I’m trying to resist the urge to feel scared from all the learning/growth/new habits that are taking place regarding Time Mastery. It feels great/different all at the same time....
    I am LOVING my learnings and putting a lot into action steps already!...
    had a sticky note on my calendar for today to get you a photo of how I used your post it note method for time management – and viola! Right on time and without operating in crisis mode to do it! And yes, as you suspected, and I rejected… I have waaaay more time each …...
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